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I have been doing patent illustrations since 1976.  I started doing patent illustrating with black india ink on bristol board.  Since then, I have evolved the business to using computer-aided illustrating and drafting programs.  I am proficient in CAD software and illustration software.  I am licensed through Solidworks 2019 and can import any of your drawings for use in preparing patent drawings.  I can handle all inventions, including mechanical, electrical, computer-related, method, design, trademarks and more.  Patent Drafting Services, LLC is available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm MST Monday through Friday to serve your patent and litigation drawing needs.  I accept mobile phone calls anytime via my work number as well.  My mobile phone also receives all emails anytime.  I have access to my database from anywhere as long as I have data access, so I can respond to any emergency changes or requests.  All of this is included with my services.
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