About Us

"I take great pride in providing you the highest quality drawings in the business."

Mark Criddle


I have over 30 years experience in the field of Patent Drafting. I started drawing patents in 1976 using black india ink, leroy lettering guides and USPTO-approved legal sized bristol board as my medium. As early as 1983, I started using an Apple IIe and a plotter output on bristol board. I believe I am the first ever to submit drawings to the USPTO which were created and plotted from a CAD-generated program. Over the years, I have upgraded computers from IBMX286's all the way to the current year, where I use the most state of the art computer system incorporating 3D modeling programs and illustration programs. If you hire me to do your patent drawings, I guarantee you will be very happy with my work. Many attorneys I work for say I am the best in the business, which is a standard I intend to maintain. I hope we can work together soon.